Anneline Kriel from first runner up to Miss World 1974


*** Second part of “Helen Morgan, Miss World 1974 for just 4 days”


Beautiful young mother Helen Morgan, has been obligated to give back the title of Miss World after 4 days she had won it in a brilliant ceremony in London, first runner up South Africa’s Anneline Kriel became the new Miss World 1974.

Helen belongs to a very liberal sector of British youth; she has had an affair with a boy call Chris, the couple without married have an 18 months old baby. In spite of this situation they dated with other people frequently, Helen had an affair with Raymond Lagrove until he confessed her that he is already married.

Raymond comeback to “the stage” after Helen’s victory, and screaming everywhere he is the father of Helen’s son, situation that became scandalous and made Helen to decline the title.

Linda Lagrove Raymond’s wife, realized Raymond’s nervousness during the final night when they were watching the show by TV, Raymond ended up confessing the romance and Linda requested the divorce, where Helen had to attend the case in court because she was “the other”. Linda Lagrove call by telephone Julia Morley (CEO Miss World President’s wife) and told the story, Julia considered it as scandalous and Helen Morgan was dismissed of her title.



After gave back the title, Helen Morgan’s declarations to the press were ironies.

“I took part in a beauty pageant, not in a moral contest”

“I’ve resigned, that’s true, but a group of judges has recognized I am the most beautiful of the world, and nobody can not take away my title”

Are you angry?

No, but disappointed, because I wanted the prize an the money, I know now, that someone is going to take advantage, someone who really need it

Why did you lie?

I didn't lie, no one ask me  anything about it. What important is the fact I have a son and my private life to take part in a beauty pageant?, the point is to chose the beautiful ones, isn’t?, so, I am the best, and I’ve showed in the pageant!!

What would you say to the girl who will be the new Miss World?

Nothing, good luck and take advantage of my title, what I’ve won for her.

What will do you now for living?

Well, same thing as always, working as a model, take caring my son, fortunately I know how work for living.




For second year in a row, the Miss World Pageant is getting scandal, just 4 days has spent Helen Morgan as Miss World because of her immorality.

Helen has given back all prizes she received, Anneline Kriel, Miss South Africa, 19 years old, 1.70 cms. tall and 89-60-90 measures became the new Miss World. Blonde with blue eyes, art dramatic student in the Pretoria University, she wants to become an actress and married her boyfriend after finish her reigning.



"I am sorry the title has given to me under these circumstances, I am so sorry for Helen, but I have to admit she made everything wrong, she cheated the Organization and us, her action avoid we reach a better place in the Pageant"


Anneline Kriel, Miss South Africa along with Julia Morley getting out of South Africa Embassy in London after she accepts the title as Miss World 1974


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